Spoleto 53

In the age of uncertainty par excellence, constantly new and multiform, art can only be the reflection of this condition but at the same time, the only attempt possible to go beyond [...]

Special Promotion - Keep your ticket
Holders of tickets of the Spoleto Festival 2010, by keeping it, will be able to take advantage of the special discounts in the hotels and shops [...]
Press Releases from the Sponsors
Discover the ideas, projects and support from sponsors and partners of Spoleto53 [...]
Opera - Hans Werner Henze - Gogo no eiko
based on a novel by Yukio Mishima, will be staged in Spoleto featuring Gerd Albrecht who will be conducting the Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi, Giorgio Ferrara as the director and Gianni Quaranta as the stage designer. [...]
Berliner Ensemble-Robert Wilson: Shakespeares Sonette
with the original music of the American song-writer Rufus Wainwright. [...]

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